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"I can't let my dog out for a potty break midday."



Unlike other dog walkers, our regular dog walking services aren't just potty breaks. We actively train good behavior and leash manners, give obedience breaks and play brain games on every walk.

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"I need someone to care for my dog/cat when I go on vacation."



During our overnight pet sitting, you can rest assured that your pets, and home, are well looked after whether you choose the VIP 24/7 Pet Sitting or our Hourly. For kitties, 30 minute drop-ins are just the ticket!

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"My dog is hard to handle on the leash and I want her to listen to me."



Private in person sessions or from the convenience of your home through live video calls, you can get one-on-one coaching to help you get more peaceful, pleasant dog walks. Learn the why, and a better way.

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I help you, the busy or adventurous dog owner, teach your dogs leash manners, learn more about your dog and strengthen your bond, take your dogs out while you're busy at work, and care for your pets when you can't take them on vacation with you.

Now I am about to embark on a new adventure:

Introducing EmPOWER Walk Your Dog. Dog Walking Training for the dog who has no idea what appropriate leash behavior is and the owner who is FED UP. Use the form to the right to ask about how I can help you get the dog walks of your dreams using 1:1 video calls. Or learn more here.

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My Mission

It is one of my strongest desires to help frustrated dog owners ease that frustration so more dogs can stay in their forever home.


Peaceful. Patient. Present.

— Tasha M. Erickson, CDW, CPPS


Who we are.

As you may have guessed, I'm an animal lover and have been all my life, and now I am surrounding myself with other animal lovers who can give an empathetic perspective that helps people understand their pets better.

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