Lock Box Policy


For reliable service with the least liability, it is required for dog walking clients to obtain and utilize a key storage lock box to hold a two sets of keys to their residence to ensure that a backup key is always available. Clients should purchase one with at least a four digit code that either easily hangs from a doorknob or railing, or is wall mounted.

A secure lock box provides you with the peace of mind that your key will always be at your secure at your home. Benefits include:

  • Keys will no longer be in the hands of your walker where they could get lost, and remain safely stored at your premises
  • If you move you can take the lock box with you
  • Our pet care personnel will have immediate access to your home in an emergency
  • Most lock boxes are reinforced to withstand weather, saws, and hammers
  • Change the code whenever you need

Lock  boxes can be purchased at most hardware stores and some home goods or retail stores, or you can purchase online::

Master Lock Combination Lock Safe Item # 47636 Model # 5401DLWSFLR/8

Master Lock Portable Key Safe Model#  MLK5422D

Master Lock 5400D Select Access Key Storage Lock Box with Set Your Own Combination Lock

Vault Locks 3200 Key Storage Lock Box with Set Your Own Combination

FAQs About
Key Storage Lock Boxes:

do i have to purchase a key storage lock box?

A key storage lock box is required to use our dog walking services as we will not retain client keys at our office or on our person.

What if my situation will not allow for a key storage lock box?

Exceptions may be made for those who reside in apartments and condos. If your situation will not allow for a key storage lock box for any reason, please contact us right away and we can discuss a possible alternative.

How much does a key storage box cost?

Most local hardware, home goods, and retail stores carry key storage lock boxes, and they are available online as well. The average cost is approximately $20 to $35. Retailers include Amazon, Lowes, Wal-Mart, Ace Hardware, and many others.

Where should the key storage lock box be placed?

Lock boxes should be in a location that will be easily accessible by you and your walker. We recommend an inconspicuous spot on your property like a fence or railing; just let us know where it will be located and what combination code to use on your client account.

What if I use combination access via our garage door code and we don’t use keys?

Our policy is that if our walkers access your home by an electronic key pad, keys must still be on the property for immediate access in case of a power outage or drained batteries, which can cause key pads to malfunction. Purchasing a key storage lock box gives you and your walker the best secure access in case of an emergency.

How will my Pet Sitter or Dog Walker open the key storage lock box?

Instructions will be included on how to set your own unique pass code on your lock box. Then your combination and location of the lock box needs to be entered in your Pawsitive Pal Client Account, which stays private and secure between you, your walker, and management. You must have the lock box purchased and code information entered before the first day of service. Refunds will not be given for the inability to perform services due to not having access. You can change the code on your lock box at any time, just be sure to update your client account with the new code before the next visit. Please verify that the code works every time you change it.

Who will know the combination to my key storage lock box?

Your code is securely saved in your Pawsitive Pal Client Account. Only your walker, management, and you have access to the information in your profile. All client combination codes will be saved within our secure software.

Please Note: Clients must provide at least two identical keys (or two sets of keys) inside of the lock box. This is so if a key breaks or your walker is locked out accidentally a backup set is available. If we encounter a situation where we need to call a locksmith to gain access because you did not provide us with backup keys, you are responsible for the entire cost of the locksmith and any extra time the walker may have been required to remain with your pets. Be sure to test that all the keys work before placing them in your lock box. Thank you!