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Biology of Fear: What It Does To A Dog | Language of Dog Fear Part 2

In this three part series, I am discussing something that every dog owner struggles to understand: The Language of Dog Fear. Dogs can't decide what they're afraid of, since fear is an inherent response, and sometimes things that we're totally cool with surprises us with how afraid it can make our beloved furry family members. What's more is that fear can have detrimental effects on our dogs' health if left unmanaged long-term.

Spay & Neuter! Your Dog's Health Depends On It

Unless you plan on breeding your pets responsibly, consider having them spayed or neutered.Are you prepared to add to the ever growing problem already in existence? Do you really want to bring more animals into a world that can’t even come close to caring for the ones that are here now? Are you Absolutely Positive you can find responsible homes if your dog does have puppies?