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What is impulse control in dogs?

Would YOU want all our pet dogs running amuck, with poor dog owners running behind their dogs everywhere as the dogs dragged them from one interesting thing to the next? Would YOU want dogs to jump on the table for your food while you're trying to eat, chase the cat, not know "Sit, Wait, Stay" in dangerous situations? None of us would take our dogs anywhere ever again. Our dogs, these deeply social creatures who want to spend lots of time with us, would be subjected to a lonely life separated from us while we go out to have fun.

How Can We Prevent Fear? | Language of Dog Fear Part 3

In this three part series, I am discussing something that every dog owner struggles to understand: The Language of Dog Fear. Dogs can't decide what they're afraid of, fear is an inherent response, and sometimes things that we're totally cool with surprises us with how afraid it can make our beloved furry family members. What's more is that fear can have detrimental effects on our dogs' health if left unmanaged long-term. We're going to get a little science-y, but in laymen's terms, dig? Great, let's go!

The Importance of Basic Obedience Training for Your Dog

Walking your dog can either be an enjoyable, calm way to experience nature, or a constant ongoing struggle. Training a dog to walk nicely (without the use of uncomfortable aversives, like slip collars) takes patience and time, more so than most other dog tricks out there. Walking slowly beside a human, foregoing their desire to experience all of the scents nature has to offer, doesn’t come naturally.