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What is impulse control in dogs?

Would YOU want all our pet dogs running amuck, with poor dog owners running behind their dogs everywhere as the dogs dragged them from one interesting thing to the next? Would YOU want dogs to jump on the table for your food while you're trying to eat, chase the cat, not know "Sit, Wait, Stay" in dangerous situations? None of us would take our dogs anywhere ever again. Our dogs, these deeply social creatures who want to spend lots of time with us, would be subjected to a lonely life separated from us while we go out to have fun.

How to Choose a Veterinarian

This is a question that has gone through all pet owners at one time or another; how to choose a veterinarian?Though they may differ based upon their chosen area of focus (ex. small animal vs. large animal veterinarian, exotic animal veterinarian, etc.) all veterinarians must be highly educated, having endured aprox. 10 long years of intense study, to become licensed as Doctors of Veterinary Medicine (DVM). In the strictest sense, any veterinarian would be highly capable and prepared to offer quality care.