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Your dog gets the same walker each time which means we can evaluate any problems, notice health issues that arise, and build a strong bond with your pup.

Because of the limited space, applicants may be added to a wait list. Price is per dog. To learn more, visit our FAQs.

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Per Dog: $35/Adventure — 

Great for those dogs who enjoy hanging around their four-legged friends but get overwhelmed at doggy daycare or dog parks.

  • Your dog enjoys up to 3 hours out of the house, ensuring they are happy and tired.

  • Dogs get to hike, play, wade, get obedience breaks and brain games.

  • Only 4-6 dogs to a pack so your dog gets plenty of attention.

  • I pick up and drop off, great alternative to doggy daycare.

  • Minimum of 2 Group Adventures per week.

Perfect for social butterfly dogs with lots of energy, and a wonderful alternative to doggy daycare. Walks take place at Shelby Bottoms Park and other various greenways around Nashville. Safety during transportation is a top priority, so I use a crash tested independently certified dog safety belt or crate, depending on the size of the dog. Dogs are toweled off after each walk.

Individual dog walks

60 minutes: $35/Dog
30 minutes: $25/Dog — 

My Individual Dog Walks aren't just potty breaks. These walks include actively training good behavior and leash manners; obedience breaks,  and brain games are part of every walk. Typical results include:

  • Better impulse control while on leash.

  • Less pulling or no pulling altogether.

  • Dog has more focus on the leash handler.

  • A calmer dog before, during, and after walks.

  • Training in other areas becomes more effective.

  • A stronger bond between owner and dog, since walks become frustration-free and pleasant.

  • Minimum of 2 walks per week required.

Perfect for dogs who don't enjoy the company of other dogs but are high energy or need to be eased into socialization, they get my complete one-on-one attention. Dogs are walked alone or together from the same household around your neighborhood or other designated area.

Every Pawsitive Pet Care Dog Walk includes:

  • All walking equipment; EasyWalk harnesses, leather leashes of appropriate thickness, water bowls and water bottles, a mini First Aid Kit, whistle, etc.

  • Organic grain-free and/or raw treats for training. We're conscious of pet allergies, too!

  • Pictures & updates of every walk, right in your client account!

  • Upbeat and fun atmosphere that ensures your dog is comfortable, enjoying themselves, and working their little sausage noodle (aka doggy brain) for a content and calm dog when you get home.

Get started in 3 easy steps!



Fill out the short online application to provide us with some basic information about you & your pet. We will respond with the status of your application to the email you provide within 24 hours.



If everything on your application meets our criteria, we'll set up a complimentary in-home Meet & Greet to go over your pet’s info & routine in depth and meet your pets! This usually takes 60-90 minutes.



After the successful Meet & Greet your Client Account is approved and you are officially in our client system. The services you requested will begin on the date you request. We look forward to working with you!

Happy Clients


Tasha has been a wonderful addition to my dog's life! I was feeling guilty after starting a job with longer hours, and finding Tasha felt like a great stroke of luck. She has been extremely reliable, always professional, and I particularly appreciate the handwritten notes every day marking the time she came and what happened on their daily walk! I'm in regular contact with Tasha regarding schedule changes - her flexibility has been exceedingly helpful. I know my dog looks forward to their daily outings and I no longer feel a sense of guilt with long hours at the office!

— Rosie Davenport


Hi. I'm Lulu, and I used to be active. I am a husky/hound mix. My human and I used to go running every day and have lots of playtime. But then our family grew, I got older, ate too many treats, and I didn't get walked anymore. Luckily my human decided to do something about it and found Tasha! I loved when she came because I got to have my own time to sniff and roam. I couldn't wait to get out the door! Tasha also told my humans about how I was sluggish so they took me to the vet where they found my thyroid problem. wit hmedication, my energy and spirits perked up even more. I am so thankful for Tasha, because she had the training to spot changes in my behavior. I am much happier now because I had a Pawsitive Pal!

— lulu


Tasha is very reliable and trustworthy in our opinion. Gives great day to day feedback on how the walks are going and how much attitude our dog might be giving her. Adapts well to our changing schedules and any needs as they come up. Great asset to the area as a local business.

— Anjani Kolahi


Hi. I'm Zena, and I used to pull. I am a young Rhodesian Ridgeback who didn't know anything about walking on a leash. All the smells, sounds, and people were so distracting when I would go outside that I would pull my human around everywhere. We spent a summer in California, and my human found Tasha. I got to see her every afternoon for an hour. She convinced my owner to get me a harness, but I got bored and chewed it up before we even got to use it! Oops! She had a lot of patience with me, though, and by the end of the summer I was walking very well on a leash. My human could see the huge difference too, because I was proud to show him what Tasha had been teaching me. I am glad he found Tasha because she had the training to teach me that walking with people can be so much fun!

— Zena


[On leaving Fresno and moving to Nashville]

Tasha, it has been amazing to have you as our dog walker over the past 2 years! We have been so grateful for your hard work, willingness to go the extra mile, and bright infectious personality! You will be sorely missed. 

— Veronica Boutelle


Hi. I'm Greta, and I needed help. I am an old Great Dane who likes to take slow morning strolls. My owner needed someone to pet sit me and she saw Tasha's website. I knew she was perfect when we met. She was very calm and patient with me as I stopped to smell, and took my slow steps. I got to have all the doggie cookies I wanted too! (My human said it was ok, I have lived a long time and I deserved it. Yum!) Tasha didn't mind cleaning up after me if I had an accident in the house, either. Tasha got to come watch me more times, and even came sometimes to give me my morning walk when my other dog walker needed a break. Tasha was a wonderful addition to my senior years because she knew just how to handle a sweet old girl like myself.

— greta


[On leaving Fresno and moving to Nashville]

Tasha is incredible. She is available, professional, caring, and was great with my dog. We miss her dearly. If you're looking for someone who loves your dog as much as you do, and treats them like family look no further than Tasha.

— Anjani Amladi