Meet the Pawsitive Pet Care Team!


Tasha Erickson

Owner, CDW, CPPS

Thirst For Knowledge

I take dog walking & pet sitting very seriously as a profession, and believe highly in continuing education. That's why I chose to become a Certified Dog Walker (CDW) by completing The Dog Walking Academy from dog*tec. I adhere to a strict code of conduct and attend seminars, online classes, and symposiums about canine science.

I also completed the Certified Professional Pet Sitter exam from Pet Sitters International in January 2018.

A more long term goal, that I am currently studying and preparing for, is passing the IAABC Behavior Consultant exam.

Elevating the Dog Walking Industry

I believe in elevating the industry, holding ourselves to higher standards, and follow the Code of Ethics of each association I belong to. I will always strive to continue my education.

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How Did I Get Here

In 2013, I found myself living in Fresno, CA miserably running a wedding and portraits photography business, and making the decision to close it after 4 years. I wasn't entirely sure what I wanted to do, but it wasn't that anymore. My love for photography had been sucked away for various reasons.

I had already been side hustling dog walking, and had 3-4 steady regular clients. I decided to make it more than a side hustle, and started Pawsitive Dog Walking & Pet Sitting. It went well and in January of 2017, I had plans ready to be put in motion for expansion.

Except life throws curve balls. My husband's work situation changed, and we were going to be moving to a new city, thanks to a promotion.  So expansion mode turned to starting over mode, but I wasn't afraid. I was actually very hopeful, because of a strong network of other dog walkers I could depend on in the new city, and plenty of work for everyone.

But one month later, life threw a second curve ball: suddenly my husband was leaving a job he had held for 12 years, I had just finished up transferring my clients to a new walker, and we were both unemployed.

This was probably the scariest time in our life, but also very liberating.  We had an opportunity not many people get: we can choose where we want to live, and live there for any reason we want. We could decide what was important to us without the constraints of work, friends, family. Fresno wasn't our native home, and we moved there 7 years prior with the intention that it would be temporary. There was nothing holding us  back.

We did a LOT of research, and weighed our priorities, and my husband even took trips to check out our two top cities. Nashville won hands down, and we pulled into town with everything we owned + two cats and a snake on April 30th, 2017.

What Pawsitive Pet Care Means to Me

Not long after arriving in Nashville, I saw my goals and intentions for my business change. I was dreaming bigger than I ever had before, and I needed a name that encompassed those changes.  What I did know is that I wasn't dropping the Pawsitive aspect. It is central to how I try to live and also how I interact with every pet I work with. It's not just a word and spelling that people find cute (though it is admittedly very overused in the pet industry), it's the definition of the culture of my business.

  • I am a bubbly person who laughs a lot. (You'll see!)

  • I believe in kindness to others.

  • I believe that being optimistic is a great attitude adjustment.

  • I believe in force-free and positive reinforcement interactions with animals.

  • I believe every word spoken or written can have a positive or negative effect and I choose positive whenever I can.

A good friend and business mentor suggested "Pawsitive Pet Care: Positive Results, through Pawsitive Care," and I knew immediately that was the one. It draws together not only the dog walking and pet sitting I do and the culture surrounding my business, but the upcoming service of dog training, and any other service I might want to add or drop in the future.

Emily Kidd

Individual Dog Walker

My name is Emily, I’m a musician here in Nashville and very excited to be joining the Pawsitive Team as a dog walker! I’m originally from NC, spent some time in Boston for school, and ultimately ended up in Music City to be apart of the music scene. I love Nashville and am having a blast pursing my dreams here. I grew up with dogs and cats my whole life, so I can’t wait to have fun getting to know the pups and give them the exercise and company they need!


Katy Payne

Office Assistant/Individual Dog Walker

Hey, I'm Katy! I am new to Nashville, but not new to the pet industry. Originally from Spokane, Washington, my husband, our three cats (Noodles, Nemo and Thor) and I moved to the area in January 2018 in search of new adventures and opportunity. Before moving, I actually ran my own professional pet sitting and dog walking company back home for almost five years. I also have previous experience as a Veterinary Assistant and Doggie Daycare worker. Animals are my passion and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work with furry friends again through Pawsitive Pet Care. I can't wait to meet your four-legged family members! :)