EmPOWER Walk Your Dog Pricing + Services


Can't seem to get through to your dog? Not sure why Lulu won't sit or Fido won't come when called?
Your dog pulls, stops, barks, wiggles, and makes your dog walks miserable and frustrating for you both?

It's time for some Pawsitive Dog Walking Coaching with the empower walk your dog program!

EmPOWER Walk Your Dog Coaching is:

  • A force-free approach that looks at WHY your dog is doing these things, in addition to...

  • changing unwanted behaviors into wanted ones…

  • and is focused specifically on TEAMWORK DURING DOG WALKS to get you the walks of BOTH your dreams!

  • Filled with simple, easily digestible information, available in person or video calls…

  • EmPOWER Walk Your Dog will change the way you approach training AND WALKING with your dog.


Which way to train your dog is most convenient for you?



  • Dog Training for Nashville dogs who are still learning their manners around other dogs

  • For dogs who are fear reactive

  • For people who want the 1:1 focus with their trainer

  • For people who don't like group settings

  • Multiple dogs in a household required to have their own 60 minute training session

  • Great for getting the whole household involved



  • Dog Training for Nashville dogs who know good manners around other dogs (no barking, over excitability, rough play, humping, etc.)

  • A small group setting to learn from your classmates as well as the instructor

  • Just a single group class that's easy to commit to

  • Great for dogs who pull, are not focused on you or aren't interested in rewards like praise



  • Dog Training for people who don't have time to commit to a group class or have a trainer come to the home, or work from home

  • Owner and dog can live anywhere in the world

  • Perfect for overly excitable dogs

  • Perfect for dogs who have never walked on harness or leash before

  • 60 minute Zoom sessions per dog, all that's needed is a web cam or camera phone

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