Tasha Erickson, CDW, CPPS

Tasha Erickson, CDW, CPPS

What I Do

Help you understand your dogs better to enrich your relationship.

Help you teach your dogs leash manners and how to have comfortable & frustration-free dog walks.

Help you feel no guilt about leaving your pets at home when you need to work or travel.

How I Do It

Through sharing knowledge of animal behavior, I give insight into your canine friends' world and help you understand your place in it.
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Convenient Online Dog Training and Coaching through video calls gives you the real-time help you need to get your dog walking better on a leash.
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By giving your dogs exercise, potty breaks, training, and no deviation from their routine, dogs are less stressed when you're away.
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How is Pawsitive Pet Care different from other Nashville dog walkers & pet sitters?

  • Pawsitive Pet Care follows positive reinforcement & force-free methods with your pets, using Easy Walk harnesses for most canines. Walking equipment is provided, and every walk is a combination of fun and training/reinforcement of good leash manners.

  • Your canines and felines enjoy a high quality, enriching experience during our time together while you're on vacation, a business trip, or dealing with an out of town emergency. Overnight Pet Sitting is not just for the night, it's a 24/7 service while you're away. Unless there are errands to run or another client's dog to walk, Pawsitive Pet Care is at your home caring for your pets.

  • Tasha is a Certified Dog Walker (CDW) through dog*tec, and a Certified Professional Pet Sitter (CPPS) through Pet Sitters International. That means she is truly a professional. Dog walking and pet sitting are unregulated industries so anyone can call themselves a professional. In this absence of quality control, Tasha believes a true professional will hold themselves to a higher standard with continuing education to best serve their clients. It’s important to make sure the dog walker & pet sitter you choose is qualified to care for your pets.

  • PSI Certified Professional Pet Sitters are given 6 months to study and pass a comprehensive 400+ question exam. Candidates must:

    • Spend up to 6 months studying pet care of pets, livestock, exotic pets, and birds; animal first aid, various parasites, diseases, and sanitation methods.

    • Follow business guidelines for legal and ethical issues, pet loss,  disaster planning, marketing, etc.

    • Pass a comprehensive 400+ question exam, and earn 30 CEUs every three years to renew certification.

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  • dog*biz (formerly dog*tec) Certified Dog Walkers have been through an intensive training program. Candidates must:

    • Pass a hands-on practical exam.

    • Pass a comprehensive written exam.

    • Be first-aid certified.

    • Pledge to use only humane training approaches.

    • Pledge to adhere to ethical business practices.

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Pawsitive Pet Care follows several Code of Ethics from the associations it's a member of. You can read each Code of Ethics by clicking the links below.

Hours: M-F 9am–5pm
By Appointment: Sa-Su
7am-9am, 6pm-8pm

Positive results, through Pawsitive Care.

Servicing: Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin
Fairview. Worldwide


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